Summer Party Ideas With Inflatable Water Slides

Inflatable Water Cali palm Detachable Pool Slide Rental Phoenix AZ

Although school supplies are slowly creeping onto the shelves in stores, there are still a few weeks left in summer. And that means there’s plenty of time for outdoor activities! With the sun high overhead, you’re probably interested in water-based sports to keep you cool and hydrated. Whether you don’t have the time, budget, or space for a full pool, or want something to impress your kids and guest for an event, inflatable water slides might just be the answer to your search!

Fun in the Sun and Water!

FC Inflatables offers inflatable water slides from 16 to 24 feet high, including those with detachable pools at the bottom of the slide. Themes such as palm trees, thunder, and space make these slides even more fun for the whole family! FC Inflatables can install the slide on rock, dirt (with an additional charge), grass, or cement. All you need is a hose and a blower to set up the slides, but a tarp can protect the area beneath the water slide.

With at least two slides on most products, you don’t have to worry about a long line while riders impatiently wait their turn. Just make sure that users are evenly matched in weight. Little ones can even race to see who reaches the bottom of the slide first! You’ll also find combination slides that can include bounce houses, climbing walls, basketball hoops, tunnels, and obstacles! This allows kids to express their creativity and play games.

Safety Always Comes First

Safety is always important when it comes to leisure activities. Each water slide has a weight and occupant limit that you should heed, and staff can ensure you understand all the safety concerns. Most slides are good for children three years and old. Even though the water level is low, little ones could fall as they seek adventure. Don’t opt for the tallest slide just because it looks more impressive, especially if your partygoers are all on the younger side.

An inflatable water slide always requires adult supervision, and it’s important that kids don’t become too rowdy. Aside from that, riders should remove shoes, glasses, and any jewelry and set down food and drinks before using the slide. Just make sure that everyone gets a liberal slather of waterproof sunblock to protect their skin while they enjoy hours of fun on the inflatable water slide.

Fortunately, Inflatable water slides are perfect for birthday parties, family reunions, and back-to-school barbecues that mark the end of summer. If you’re interested in renting one in Maricopa County, contact FC Inflatables today.