Tips For Renting And Using An Inflatable Water Slide

inflatable water slide

Who doesn’t like to enjoy some fun in the sun when the heat of summer is upon us? As temperatures begin to rise, families begin to look for affordable ways to entertain their children. While some folks like traveling to the nearest park, others like to bring the experience to their front door through an inflatable water slide rental. Whether you are celebrating your child’s birthday or merely want to bring some fun waterworks home this weekend, you’ve come to the right place.

Today, we are going to explore a few tips for renting and using an inflatable water slide from FC Inflatables.

Simple Tips For Inflatable Water Slides

Renting a water slide can be a ton of fun, especially if you have children looking to burn off some excess energy. While water slides are indeed exceptionally fun, you still need to employ a few simple steps to maximize your enjoyment while keeping everyone safe and content.

Here are a few tips we think you should have by your side when renting an inflatable water slide from FC Inflatables.

  • Respect the Slide – Made for children, rentable inflatable slides are not meant to be used like adult bounce houses. While we respect the urge to start jumping around, too much weight could end up breaking the slide, causing potential injury. Avoid jumping around on the slide itself!
  • Keep Sharp Objects Away – Inflatable slides are extremely durable, but that doesn’t mean that we should tempt fate. Avoid keeping any sharp items near your slide as they could pierce the material, causing eventual deflation.
  • Pick Up Your Yard – Take some time to clean up your yard before renting and installing your inflatable slide. Look for sharp rocks and stones as well as large branches that may have fallen onto your property. Once you’ve cleaned up the area, you are ready to enjoy your rental slide from FC Inflatables.
  • Inflate Correctly – Don’t overinflate your water slide even if you want to make sure that it is extremely durable. An overinflated slide can end up popping like a balloon, creating a leak that slowly steals the fun away from your water slide rental.

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