Unique Bounce House Games For Your Next Party!

bounce house games

Sure, a bounce house is a fun party accessory even without defined games. But the following games help ensure everyone is active and entertained longer than if they were just bouncing around.

Avoid the Balloons

Blow up a few balloons and place them in the bounce house. Have the little ones enter and bounce. The trick is to bounce without touching a balloon. You can even play this in rounds, adding more balloons to up the ante!

This idea is great because balloons are inexpensive and won’t damage your rental. Plus, they pose little injury to your tots. Separating kids into age groups can further reduce the risk of bounce house injury.

Freeze Bounce

This bounce house game takes a cue from musical chairs. The kids can bounce and play while the music is on, but as soon as it stops, they have to freeze. Of course, that’s not so easy to do in a bounce house! But that’s part o what makes this game so fun.

Red Light, Green Light

Similar to the previous game, this one requires bouncers to stop everything at the right time–when you call “Red Light!” However, it’s not as easy as it sounds. Once you eliminate all the wobbles, called “Green Light” from them to go again. You can even throw in a “Yellow light” if you think your The last person standing wins!

Side Switch

This game works best with two pairs of children. However, if you use a large bounce house (FC Inflatables offers various sizes), you might be able to play with three in each team. Each team starts at one side of the bounce house. When you say “Go,” they attempt to bounce across to take the position the other team started in. Whoever does it first is the winning team!

Ball Tag

For this take on the classic playground game, you’ll need a lightweight ball that’s fairly soft, so it can’t damage the bounce house or hurt anyone. The first player who is “It” will bounce around, attempting to tag someone else with the ball. The new “It” person takes the ball and looks for someone else to continue tagging. Of course, every player wants to avoid being “It!”

Jump Like A…

For a creative and fun game, instruct your bouncers to jump like certain animals. Kangaroos, monkeys, frogs, and rabbits are all common ideas. You don’t have to settle for common, however. Pick a more challenging animal–or person–to force the kids to get creative and a little silly. You can also tell them to hop on one foot, the left or right foot, both feet, or backward to switch things up.