What To Consider When Throwing A Bounce House Party In Phoenix

You’re sure to become a popular parent if you house a bounce house party. And if you keep the following advice in mind, your party will go down without a hitch, and your little ones will make memories for life.

Safety First

Bounces houses can be pretty safe if you follow all protocols, including properly tethering the bounce house to the ground. Because bounce houses are so light, they can tumble or even blow away if not properly tethered. That’s a common theme in stories about bounce house injuries. Even if the house is secure, kids should exit the bounce house if winds approach 15 miles per hour.

Another essential aspect of bounce house safety is the weight limit. Each house is rated to hold between 300 and 1000 pounds at a time. Find out the weight limit of the specific house you plan to use and watch how many little ones enter or split children into groups to avoid overloading the bounce house. It’s easy to collide in a crowded bounce house. Each bounce house will also have weight limits for each jumper to prevent damage to the structure and voiding your warranty or deposit.

While it might not seem like a big deal, weight discrepancies can be dangerous for jumpers. For example, a smaller child can be flung across or even out of the bounce house when a bigger child jumps. Although the youngest kids may want to join in on the fun, it’s not safe for children under six to use a bounce house. You can go the additional step and ensure that kids in the house are all roughly the same weight.

Plan for the Weather

Although Phoenix doesn’t get as much rain as other parts of the country, the weather can still surprise you sometimes. If there’s any chance of rain, consider a rain cover. The rental company could even prohibit using the bounce house when it’s wet, requiring you to use a cover. One perk of renting your bounce house from a company like FC Inflatables is paying someone else to set up the house and rain cover.

Remember Practical Concerns

If you’re hosting a party with a bounce house, it’s best to stick to mess-free snacks instead of big meals. This avoids sticky fingers leaving marks and the potential for someone becoming sick when jumping on a full stomach.

Furthermore, kids should wear clothing that allows them to move. Pants or leggings might be a better option than skirts and dresses. Flowing fabric can also be a safety concern. When it comes to glasses and jewelry, kids should remove them before entering the house.